A brief overview

Maxim Institute is an independent research and public policy think tank, committed to the people, land, history and culture of New Zealand.

Our mission is to foster ideas and leadership that enable freedom, justice and compassion to flourish in New Zealand.

As a think tank, Maxim Institute engages in the following core activities:

  • Producing research and informed analysis of contemporary issues;
  • Developing and promoting sound public policy;
  • Communicating our research findings and policy initiatives to the decision-makers and leaders of today;
  • Training and mentoring tomorrow’s leaders; and
  • Equipping New Zealanders to become better informed and more effective agents of change in their community

Maxim Institute is an independent organisation that is funded by donations. It does not receive funding from any government agency or political party. Since its inception in late 2001, over 1700 individuals and trusts have contributed financially to Maxim Institute.