VIDEO: Achieving Change | 2016 Sir John Graham Lecture 05-08-16

ACHIEVING CHANGE - Using evidence to empower educators and help students succeed

Every parent, teacher, principal, policy expert, and education leader wants an education system that sees every child trained, inspired, and properly equipped for future success. Yet, despite the best intentions from all involved, far too many students are falling behind with little hope of catching up.

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There is a lot of robust evidence about what improves student outcomes. So why isn’t it more common to see politicians, parents, teachers, union leaders, academics, and other decision-makers uniting around schooling solutions? What kind of environment would allow leaders to better engage with the evidence and make better choices for the students of today and tomorrow?

Professor John Hattie is an expert in education research with a sizeable portion of the evidence in this field to his name. He has advised governments and educationalists around the world on what works best to improve student outcomes, and brought his vast experience to deliver the 2016 Sir John Graham Lecture, discussing how educators can be empowered to make a greater difference to our children’s learning.