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RESEARCH NOTE: Anchoring the Abstract - What good school leadership looks like 23-07-14

What is the "magic" of great school leaders, and how do we replicate it? What does it look like when popular leadership theory meets actual school life? Maxim Institute's education project explores these questions. 

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Anchoring the Abstract - What good school leadership looks like
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We all know that great leadership is fundamental in well-performing schools. But what does great leadership actually look like? This Research Note explores just that—the kind of leadership that focuses on students and leads them to better learning outcomes. We analyse leadership theory and look at how it translates at the grassroots. We hope through this to provide useful information to school leaders about how they can build a positive culture, while also contributing to the policy conversation. 

In our accompanying policy paper, Joining Forces - Nine ways to improve leadership in New Zealand schools, we draw policy implications from this research and make recommendations on how the Government can facilitate quality leadership.