Changing the Story
    How to address poverty now and prevent it in the future


    Full video is now available from our Wellington expert panel discussion. This conversation offers an opportunity to consider what’s being done, and what could be done to change the stories of hardship that are lived out by too many New Zealanders.

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    Delivered by Professor John Hattie


    On Friday, 5 August Professor John Hattie delivered the 2016 Sir John Graham Lecture: Achieving Change - using evidence to empower educators and help students succeed
    Watch the full video of his address and Q+A session. 

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    Uncovering the pathways into and out of disadvantage in New Zealand

    Read the latest paper in our Heart of Poverty Series, by Kieran Madden. 

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ARTICLE - SUBMISSION: Maxim Institute's submission to the Health Select Committee

Since late 2013, Maxim Institute has undertaken a stream of research into the legal and policy arguments regarding euthanasia and the international experience of legalised assisted suicide and voluntary euthanasia. This submission provides responses to numbers three and four of the Health Select Committee’s Terms of Reference for their inquiry into the ending of one's life in New Zealand. + more

BLOG - Posturing doesn't help those facing poverty

“I know that’s not PC, but you know, that’s me,” said Judith Collins last week as she commented on child poverty at a police conference. Cue Metiria Turei, co-leader of the Greens, who alleged that Collins was displaying “deepest ignorance” and making “a foolish statement” because Collins reportedly had said that child poverty is “primarily” due to “a lack of [parental] responsibility.” + more

BLOG - Of Revolution and Reaction

Right and left don’t seem to make much sense of the world anymore. Perhaps, as New York Times columnist David Brooks writes, the ideas of revolution and reaction better describe today’s political climate. Are we currently in the “Age of Reaction,” as Brooks contends? + more

BLOG - Stretching the potential of flexible work

“All we really want is a little control – and to make that 6 o’clock yoga class once in a while.” This was the conclusion in a recent New Zealand Herald article about the benefits of flexible work. But the increased interest we are seeing in a more flexible modern day workplace misses the bigger picture. + more

  • "The tragedy of modern man is not that he knows less and less about the meaning of his own life, but that it bothers him less and less."

    - Vaclav Havel